On the wall

Writing on wall reads: COOL

Having seen for instance, The Money Masters documentary, and perhaps, realizing how crucial the question of money creation is, one might be very pleasantly surprised to learn that 113,878 Dutch citizens signed a citizens' initiative calling for debate on it. Over half a percent of the population of The Netherlands going on the record with their government saying we've got questions, about money.

"Yes, we need central banks. No, we do not need them in private hands."
— Bill Still, The Money Masters, more banking quotes

It is our right and we will do it

Time to de-escalate and initiate

Journalist Karel van Wolferen writes:

Atlanticism is now a terrible affliction for Europe: it fosters historical amnesia, willful blindness and dangerously misconceived political anger. But it thrives on a mixture of lingering unquestioned Cold War era certainties about protection, Cold War loyalties embedded in popular culture, sheer European ignorance, and an understandable reluctance to concede that one has even for a little bit been brainwashed.