Division Central is home to commentary by Michel van Dijk, mostly on the divisions within humanity amidst the current revival of freedom engulfing our world. What's expressed on this website is often all over the map and likely to not make sense. What is intended is sparking interest in the topics raised, the works and people linked to, hoping readers will find themselves formulating their own opinions and letting those be known.

About the author

MichelGvanDijk I am Michel Gustaaf van Dijk, born 1977, at the edge of South Park in The Hague, The Netherlands, single man, living in the The Hague Area, The Netherlands.

About the website

The name Division Central mainly means 'having a focus on all things divisive'. The domain name reads 'decent' dot org.

The motto/slogan/mission statement/paper-tiger-battle-cry of this website currently is: "What is humanity divided by genes, language and information?", but it's no contest and there are no prices to be won. To me it simply sums up a lot; for one, it is a question. Secondly, the three dividers share a wondrous relationship to each other. And finally, not having one just looked too empty.


Everything on this website, except for that which is not my property, may be reproduced elsewhere for non-commercial ends. For any other use or to object to use of other people's work on this website, please contact me.


Any criticism, suggestion, correction, question, etc. is welcome and valued, as most views held here are in a work-in-progress kind of state. To contact me, please email me at feedback@dcent.org.